Game Prototypes

Small experiments with browser technologies.

These may not work on some browsers, or have bugs.


A 2D skateboarding game (similar to Line Rider in some ways) rendered entirely using browser elements.

Collision is implemented by raymarching a signed distance field generated from those elements.

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Motion Blur

Renders lights as "stretchy" billboards, allowing for cheap motion blur without post-processing or render-to-texture; just additively blended polygons.

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An extension of Motion Blur to render entire scenes using alpha-test billboards.

This works, and looks fairly unique, but is heavy on fillrate as those billboards must overlap to eliminate cracks in the scene, and with a "soft" edge this leads to a great deal of overdraw.

May be revisited in future; a Blender export plugin and a basic engine framework have been implemented.

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Global Games Jam

Games created collaboratively over a 48 hour period.

Ritual (2016, as "Baconfish")

A short game in which you must complete your morning ritual within a time limit.

Introduced us to CoffeeScript, Pixi.JS and Aseprite. Inspired SprigganJS.


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MineText (2011)

An imitation of Minecraft's crafting system, as a text adventure.

Created in the final hours (learning JavaScript along the way) after the game our team was making was unsuccessful.

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