"Borg Stuff"

Please note: I am not in any way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount.

In the break following an introduction to "hard-surface" modelling (using TurboSmooth) at university, I decided to explore the technique myself and created a level kit for Borg ship interiors from Star Trek.

These screenshots are in-game or editor in Unreal Tournament 3.

This began to spiral into a Star Trek: First Contact multiplayer fangame, but sadly never went anywhere.



I am not sure exactly which versions of UDK/Blender/3DS Max/Photoshop this is compatible with, but it seems to work with UDK 2011-04.

The files are quite large; I believe I may not have imported them correctly while making the packages and they are being stored as large, uncompressed textures.

UDK Packages 1 2 3
You should be able to put these in your UDKGame/Content directory and everything will "just work". One Borg map and partially completed content for a Federation ship interior.
Source files 1 2
3DS Max, Blender, Photoshop and Audacity files used to create the above.