Siren's Song

During the second year of my university course, there was a group project.

I stepped up as lead designer on Siren's Song (taken from a pool of pitches). In retrospect, this was something of a mistake as this isn't really where my strengths lie.

Due to staffing problems, the producer and I ended up creating most of the models, maps and scripts, though I absolutely must speak of the excellent work done by our concept artists and audio designer.

Over the course of two semesters, I built around a third of all environment models and weapon models, a rudimentary climbing system, a pitch-tracking singing minigame, a quest manager, inventory system, savegame system, and did a small amount of environmental concept art.

Adobe Flash via Scaleform was used for some of the interface elements, while others were implemented as Unreal Engine materials.

In the last week, we focused on playtesting and iteration to ensure that the game as a whole was completable. In retrospect, the project was far beyond our reach and as such the quality of the end product suffered.

Many of the staff on this project went onto form Critical Pixel/Kairos Games.


Many assets in the gameplay screenshots were created by other members of the team.


As this was a group project, it is not solely mine to distribute. As such, there are no downloads here.